Licensing: what you need to know now, no matter your role!

Licensing: what you need to know now, no matter your role!

You may be asking why talk about licensing. It is so important no matter your role, be it creative or client, to understand what music licensing actually is.

I’ll be the first to admit I only really went into depth on music licensing a few months back when we started on a particular promotions project I cannot mention.  I spend ages being confused by what royalty-free, vs Creative Commons, vs Stock Music was.  Sound is very likely to play some role within any form of promotions project, so here are a few things you need to know about licensing types. And I’ll also explain what we do to make this an absolutely smooth process – when I say you don’t have to worry about licensing I mean it.


Here are a few general points:
  • Most copyright law falls under the duristiction of the US DMCA (especially for Music).

  • If the pieces are going to be reshared make sure to get those links whitelisted as well.

Hit up Epidemic Sound’s article Here for a slightly more in depth explanation of these licensing types. 

Creative Commons

Alike most images, music under Creative Commons is limited in how it can be used and the acreditation needed.  Usually there is little under this licensing type, and research needs to be done into the allowed uses.

Public Domain

The Public Domain, only applies to music published before 1922. The big issue many people run into is that although a song may be on the Public Domain, the recording you choose may be subject to copyright. 


In rare cases music does become Copyright-Free, where the creator has released the music without restrictions on its use.  I personally had no clue this was even a thing. But I’ve seen people fall through the trap of not doing their research thinking the tracks they used were Copyright-Free and finding out differently when their piece was Blacklisted.

Royalty free music

Royalty free music by definition is music you only have to pay for once. Unlike massive film productions and events, where they pay royalties on for each view and purchase.  


I’m not sitting here writing this trying to scare you, but copyright and licensing can be a really difficult topic to bring up.

Here at Tmtudisco, we use Epidemic Sound because it makes this whole process so easy. We pay our subscription, so you can have the best, without any worries about copyright and being blacklisted for use.  

This is the same reason we cover full licensing within our packages for all content. Who wants to pay for a project, then find out you can’t use it for this that or the other without paying extra? No Thanks!

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