Make The Most Of Your Personal Branding Session

Making the Most of Your Personal Branding Session

Here are a few simple and actionable tips, that I hope alleviates some of the nerves around your personal branding session. 

The nerves are starting to take hold as your session gets closer, but I’m here to tell you to take a breath, stop stressing, chill out. I’ve assembled a list of simple tips based on questions I’ve had frantically emailed to me at midnight the day before the session, and ones I've even sent my own photographers (because we didn't get to have this conversation before hand).

So, here are my tips for simple ways you can make the most out of shoot day and the personal branding session.

Morgan Giles in Blacks, black coat and shirt

But, what do I wear?!

The most obvious answer here is: wear what you’re comfortable in. If you’re uncomfortable in an outfit, it’s going to show. That being said, I do have some general tips for the kinds of clothes that typically work best.

Stay away from flesh-tones and really bright colours. You want clothing that contrasts against your complexion, and flesh tones just don’t do that. When it comes to neon colours, bright whites, and thin stripes, they tend to take over the camera and wash you out. A white shirt is perfect so long as it isn’t too bright, and stripes are awesome - just make sure they are thicker as to not interfere. Awesome earthy colours always do wonders, and I’ll always recommend them.

Work a palette. Chances are you’ve got some kind of colour palette for your brand. Definitely draw from this in crafting your outfit - we love branding consistency!

For example here is my own brand colour palette, which informs everything from how I dress, to where I conduct meetings, even down to the colour of my laptop (It's space grey just for reference).

Tmtudisco Colour palette - Branding

Bye, bye logos and patterns. Too much patternige takes away the focus from you, and we’re meant to be promoting you and your brand, not someone else’s, so skip out on that Burton branded sweatshirt!

For the ladies, light weight and textured pieces are your friend, giving the final shots a lively look, without you looking like you’re being weighed down (which is what we want to avoid).

For the guys, I love a good button up - they work in every situation. Keeping it clean and simple does absolute wonders.

I also recommend rocking your outfits before shoot day, this gets you comfortable in the outfit (and obviously have a little dance in it as well). Even just going out on your own for a while to feel into if there are any poses you want in particular.

Okay, other than clothes how else am I meant to prep?

If you're planning to do anything like getting a massage, or getting your hair and nails done, I’d recommend getting those sorted within a week of shoot day, ideally a day or two beforehand.

If you’re someone who loves the makeup process, wear what you feel comfortable in and have fun doing it! Personally, I don’t wear any makeup, and have known a ton of people come in for shoots without any, and it hasn’t been an issue so don’t force yourself to. But if you do want to, come in and rock a look you love!

I’ve had a few guys message me scared about having to shave off their glorious beards for a shoot, so to alleviate your fears - gentlemen, facial hair is absolutely fine! My only recommendation would be to have it neatened up the day before shoot so your facial hair is clean and looking its best.

Most of all...just relax! This is meant to be a fun experience for you, so the last thing we want is you stressing. You’ve got this, my friend! Reach out if you want any help!

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