Why you need a personal branding session in 2021?

Why you need a personal branding session in 2021?

I have lost count of the times I have had to explain that personal branding is about more than a few headshots. 

Now, don’t get me wrong; headshots can be great. They can get you a few images of yourself that you can use for your website and socials, which hey, works perfectly fine for some people and businesses, but by no means does it work for everybody. And it certainly isn’t enough on its own! Simply relying on headshots sabotages you in taking away the ability to diversify and properly show off your personality. 

Personal branding (or business branding) is where you get to show yourself off to the world; it is a way of displaying your personality and the personality of your business. Plus, when done well, these images can tell an, excuse me, damn fine story.

My favourite thing about these shoots? They are SO versatile and can be used everywhere.

When I started out, and I was making digital downloads for myself and clients, it got tedious pretty quickly using the same set of five images everywhere. My branding and my attitude towards my branding surged when I started having a gallery of unique images to use, images that all fit together like pieces of a puzzle, but were able to give me that variety myself and my clients craved. 

If you truly want to grow your brand and the business you’re developing, a branding session is going to make the growth process so much easier.

Doing a personal branding shoot allows you to amplify your brand and provides you with a wealth of images to use on every aspect of your business (and even personally – I’ve totally been guilty of using images to populate my personal Instagram! – and why not?!). 

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Tmtudisco's Personal Branding Session

"Simply relying on headshots takes away the ability to diversify and properly show your personality"

A lot of people fall into the trap of thinking that posting photos of themselves across their website and business socials might be unnecessary or, even worse, seem a bit egotistical. 

But in my own experience, I can tell you that with my business, photos of myself saw a 40% increase in engagement than regular posts. People like seeing the person behind the business and feeling a kind of personal connection (as a side note, this is why I’m always talking about how great videos are in your marketing!). 

A gallery of professional photos gives you that cutting edge, both making you look professional and also increasing the extent to which your audience sees you as a real person. 

As already mentioned, website and socials are no-brainers, but you may be wondering…where else wouuld I even use all these images? 

Well, if you do anything on YouTube, you already have a great base for a range of different thumbnails. They also work great for images in PDFs and eBooks. Plus, you’ll have an entire stockpile for press images, say, if you go on somebody’s podcasts or get featured somewhere. 

Overall, it’s way more interesting having all these editorial style images over using a singular headshot everywhere. 

Getting a personal branding shoot done allows you to take control of your public image in a way most small businesses are still sadly falling behind on. 

Ready to get started? Don’t stress the planning, I got you there! From the outfits and props down to determining exactly what purposes you’d be using specific images for, I can’t wait to help you upgrade your branding and inject some of your personality into it!


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