Simple and Timeless Props to Smash Your Personal Branding Session

Simple and Timeless Props For Your Personal Branding Session

Here are a list of some of my favourite props for personal branding sessions, perfect for any entrepreneur and business owner.

Every personal branding session is completely unique, but all the best ones in my experience have happened when I’ve paid attention to what I’m surrounding myself with - my branding session ‘props’, if you will. Each of these props take on a life of their own and serve to really invigorate what could otherwise risk being a bland session devoid of real personality and flair. What props work best for you and your brand might differ from myself, but these are the ones that will always have a place in my sessions, and I hope in yours too!


Personally, I’m kind of a coffee gal. If I don’t show up to a meeting jittery and full of over-caffeinated energy from one of my three pre-noon coffees, people think something’s up! And really, who can say no to a glorious cup of coffee? A great way to add some personal flair is to bring your favourite mug along to your branding sessions. Flaunt that obscene crazy cat lady mug you found at a thrift store!

If coffee isn’t your thing (first of all, how dare you?), really you can make anything work. I know people who can never be separated from their tea, or who always show up places with a smoothie on hand - I even know one fella who loves to cheekily sip from a flask of whiskey while making eye contact with everyone in the room. What we drink and how we drink it often holds so much meaning and can communicate so much about us and the brand we’re putting out there without ever requiring words.

Plus, anyone else always keen to celebrate a big win with a glass of wine?

Snacks and Food

They say the way to a man’s (or woman’s, or otherwise gendered person’s) heart is through their stomach, and golly gee is that true! Did you know that at most business events, food and beverage accounts for one of the biggest expenses? This is because food is important, whether you’re hosting a big fancy summit with over a hundred people, or just meeting with a couple folks and going over some plans. It’s even important if you’re just alone hunched over your desk in a dark room lit by nothing but the light of your laptop as you shovel carrot sticks into your mouth (I refuse to clarify whether this is personal experience).

Food provides a whole lot more than mere sustenance - it’s part of the overall experience. So, it really isn’t something to be overlooking.

Your Workspace

The fact is, you’re probably spending most of your time on your laptop (or, if you’re fancy, your big cool desktop computer). Since this is where you’ll be working most of the time, don’t minimise the importance of finding ways to have it point to your personality. I know a lot of people who will just toss a couple photos on their desk behind the screen and be done, but I think we can do a little better than that! Personalising your workspace a bit more will help you get into your creative zone. Plus, if you have things decorating your workspace that fit with your personality, that’ll make things so much easier when it comes to weaving that vibe into your branding.

The Planner

I have yet to meet a CEO and business owner that doesn’t use a planner of some form. I’ve met so many people with their own methods of planning, and seeing how someone chooses to document, plan, and create always has a certain magic to it. Are you someone who likes to furiously dot-point everything? How do you feel about mind maps? Are little doodles in margins your kinda thing?

Figure out whether you’re the kind of person who likes to have all separate notebooks for each project, or if you work better pacing around in front of a whiteboard. The frequent blend of chaos and organisation that comes with a planner has a certain magic to it. So, try to find what works for you when it comes to a planner and own it, because I for one want to be able to capture that!


Alright, so I recognise that I probably shouldn’t be referring to people as ‘props’, and that it may be a tad dehumanising. And sure, other people aren’t props, but they are probably the most important thing to have around you to give your personal branding sessions another level of life, and show how you interact with people, both personally and within your business.

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