Your Personal Branding Session, The Fun Way

Your Personal Branding Session, The Fun Way!

Here are five ideas to introduce a little more fun into your personal branding session, and make the most of it!

Personal branding is about you, who you truly are, and not just a professional projection of yourself. I love being able to spice up our shoot sessions, and here are just a few of the ways you can level up your sessions.


Do you have any rituals to start your morning with, or ones you do throughout your work day? It might be making your moka pot coffee, or starting your day with a meditation. You might decide to spend your work breaks going for a walk while listening to your favourite podcasts. Maybe you spend 5 minutes a day dancing crazily to your favourite song in the bathroom. These rituals are what make you and your day unique, and can be easily be integrated within your session (and I think your photographer will secretly love it!).

Fancy Some Food?

In my experience, personal branding sessions will generally run long enough to call for at least one food break. Now, between me and you, I’m the kind of person who’ll eat five meals a day, so we’re definitely gonna be grabbing something to eat when working together. One of my favourite things to do is to ask you what your favourite food or coffee spots are - I love discovering new hidden gems, or revisiting old favourites! Suggest a place, and I’m dropping everything to make that stop. This’ll give me a glimpse of you in your natural habitat, which is super handy in crafting your personal brand. Plus, it’s so much more fun and enjoyable than sitting in a bland office style room with a smoothie in hand.

Bring Your Friend or Partner

One of the most fun aspects of shoot days definitely comes from the times where people have brought along their best mate or their partner. Not only does having someone you’re close to help you feel more relaxed and comfortable in what can sometimes be a new and unnerving experience, but it’s just straight-up fun. The amount of banter that bringing along a treasured homie adds guarantees you’ll have a great time!


What kind of tunes do you bop to? No matter if it’s metal, rock, alternative, indie, or classical, you bet pressing the play button on your favourite playlist adds a whole new atmosphere! If you’re at all insecure people will judge your music taste, trust me when I say it doesn’t matter and we’ve heard all kinds of things. I know one person who, when I passed her the aux cord, put a sea shanty playlist on, and it was a blast. Your music gives us some really cool insight into who you are, plus having what you like playing will help you feel more comfortable, and everyone will have a jolly good time!

Embrace Your Inner Weirdness

I’ve seen it said so many times that personal branding sessions are about being professional; I say screw that! Naturally, this is a business endeavour so some level of professionality makes sense,’re a real person, not just an automated bag of meat in a suit and tie. Don’t stress about hiding any of your quirks - we all love it when you’re being yourself, it adds some variety to our days!

Morgan Giles Tempted to play with the coffee and Plant - White Wolf Co Personal Branding by Tmtudisco

Bonus: Adding Context

Something I love bringing into my own sessions are some contextual shots. These are usually images without you in them that provide some atmosphere and context to your life and business.

Think about how you’re setting up your area, what kind of magazines or props that point towards your brand (You can have a peak at a few of my fave simple props Here).

If you’re a travel agent, brochures and language booklets are a good touch, along with maybe some props that point towards different cultures and travel destinations. If you’re a makeup artist, try to incorporate your kits. Your session should represent not only your own individual brand, but should be representative of your business niche as a whole.

Bonus Bonus: Building Foundations

Something I love to do in my sessions, and for every meeting or time I sit down and talk to someone, is do what I like to call a ‘win session’. Basically, we start our day off by sharing some wins and appreciating our accomplishments and strides we’ve already made. This brings us into intention-setting, where we really take a minute to ground ourselves and establish our goals for the session. It’s so easy to lose yourself and stress over the small details, but I’ve found this really helps take a step back and ground us, building an amazing foundation for the day ahead.

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