Every show, every business, has their own story, their own legacy. These stories are what set my heart alight. Being able to spend time with people who love their work, and capture those moments and help build their legacy.

Do you have a business, or part of a production crew! We've got you!

Here at tmtudisco we immerse ourselves within your business or project, in order to provide a complete full service that achieves your goals and hits that sweet spot (and makes people stop in their tracks).

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May 29, 2020

Understanding Colour Space

Understanding Colour Space Colour Space at initially sounds so dull and confusing, something you could easily gloss over while shooting.  The colour space is...

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Photo After Grain - Getting the Film Look
May 15, 2020

Getting that Film Look

Getting that Film Look in Lightroom Shooting film isn’t always exactly practical, but it doesn’t mean you can’t edit your digital images to have...

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Writing Pitches that Convert
April 30, 2020

Writing Pitches that Convert

Writing Pitches that convert Writing pitches can be an exhilarating process, but it can also be the complete opposite.  The best bit about being...

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